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-About the artist

-Ceramic Sculptures


Hiram Rosado Poupart
When I draw, I strive to understand the depths that appears, product of friction upon a flat surface.  What is remarkable is that the more I “dig” either with graphite or charcoal, the more depths I uncover.  Then, if I try to detour, by way of lines, more of them will appear. The will intertwine and bring forth still new ones until then unknown even to me.  In the end, exhausted from this pursuit, I give up , and they just exist…Why? I don’t know.

Contact Info

Phone: 787-226-1161

e-mail: mpulepr@yahoo.com

Centro de Bellas Artes de Caguas

Calle Padial/ Ruiz Belvis
Caguas, P.R. 00725