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-About the artist

-Ceramic Sculptures



Artist’s Statement

In my work I seek to highlight forms that have been prevalent, but are now in peril, in the abundant natural riches of the Puerto Rican archipelago.  To this I add the sensuality of bodies and figures, mostly feminine, from our Caribbean land.  Curves, proportions and rhythms stimulate the viewer and cause their sight to travel over the piece.  I pursue a certain feeling of vertigo, which stimulates the senses and their cadenced coursing over patterns and forms.

The “rope” technique allows the “drawing” of the shape as it is being constructed, anticipating both rhythm and line, as well as composition.  Nonetheless, the spectator is never able to enjoy the secret forms that exist all throughout the stages of construction.  This shapes are left behind as the main form appears.

The “mostrines” (little creatures) are, perhaps, the best examples of movement, rhythm and mystery.  Each one moves in their very own way, twisting, dancing, challenging gravity:  they both dare and rebuff the straight line.

About my sculptural vases I must say that they are stratified; they live the fragmented reality of  the growth of living things, step by step, in well ordered patterns that have the individuality of beings that are alive. I freeze the stages of the history of their creation, the act of thinking them, of building them, of finishing them up.  But yet, I pursue the inconclusive, the thought provoking, the possibility of other alternatives, the excitement of imagining a myriad of variations. It is the very human quest of what could have been…

Ultimately, I aim to produce work that is alive and intense, that stirs me and moves the spectator towards inquisitiveness.  Heat, then, controls the end result, and in many instances will not let me know what is it that has gone on in my piece… it just hands it to me.

Hiram Rosado Poupart
Contact Info

Phone: 787-226-1161

e-mail: mpulepr@yahoo.com

Centro de Bellas Artes de Caguas

Calle Padial/ Ruiz Belvis
Caguas, P.R. 00725